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Handcrafted content marketing and copywriting services designed to captivate your customers in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Mission

Our unique approach

In the age of generative AI, where anyone can jam in keywords and come back with a couple of paragraphs of text, unique and highly personalized content marketing is more important than ever. When it’s so easy to create sludge, content that’s meaningful, content that stands out and resonates with a target audience—that’s fire.

We take a bespoke approach to creating content for your business. We’ll work with your thought leaders, SEO experts, and internal stakeholders to create website copy, blogs, long-form content, and more that resonates with your target audience and helps your brand stand out in the marketplace.

We’re here to help with…

Content Strategy
Brand voice development
Website Copy
Search engine optimized blog writing
Reports and eBooks
Good Old-fashioned blogging
…and more!

Who we’ve worked with

What our clients are saying

Chiara Colombi

Director of Product Marketing at

From the clarity and ease with which her words flow to the research and experience that inform the overarching structure of her work, Abigail writes content that resonates with readers while also hitting the SEO targets you need. Whether it's a several-thousand-word-long eBook to drive website conversions, an evergreen blog article for SEO ranking, or a targeted meme to brighten your ICP's LinkedIn feed on a Friday afternoon, Abigail delivers.

Cathy Edison

Managing Director, Hot Dog Marketing

Abigail is an exceptionally talented writer and dedicated to the power that writing has in the marketing space. She excels at story-telling and creating the right content for the purpose from start to finish. Her ability to see the path that can be created for a client journey from social, to landing pages, to website and lead conversion is impressive and not easy to come by in the marketing or sales world.

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